Meredith’s Birth

June 25, 2009

Update #4 – 10:33 p.m.

Meredith is 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and has peach fuzz for hair. : ) We will be posting pictures tomorrow- stay tuned! : )


Update #3 – 7:23 p.m.

We have a little one! Details will be posted as soon as I have them.


Update #2 – 10:14 a.m

The Pitocin has been started.  Everything is going well, just slow. Pray that the labor will go smoothly and quickly.


Update #1 – 4:30 a.m.

Today’s the day!! We leave for the hospital in 15 minutes. Courtney has volunteered to post updates. Please pray for our family! : )



The Baby’s Name

February 12, 2009

I’m finally feeling my little one moving around.

I’ve only had one other baby that took so long. That baby was Matthew.

Just like this little one, he had an anterior placenta.

This cushioned pretty much every l move he made and I first felt him move around 27 weeks.

This one hasn’t waited quite so long. I’m so glad. It’s always comforting to feel their little movements and makes it all the more exciting to get to greet them in the coming months.

I’m happy to say that Paul and I have settled on a name.

It’s not been without “incidence”, but at least we’ve reached an agreement. *smile*

As I’ve prayed, I’ve really felt like she was a “Meredith”. We’ve never considered the name for our other girls, but it sure seems to fit.

I love the thought of calling her “Meri” for short and it especially reminds me of the following verse:

Proverbs 17:22a
“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…”

…and then, there is that my Grandmother’s name is Mary. It is just “right”

Well, I should run. It’s late, and I’m still trying to get past this nasty flu bug.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for me and for our family. It never ceases to amaze me to find emails from some of you in the mornings to greet me, or late at night when I’m ready to turn in.

You are a very special group of ladies and I’m thankful for each and every one of you! ūüôā

With my love,

Baby #10 Sonar

February 2, 2009

We went for our ultrasound this morning…I’ve thought this day would NEVER arrive.

For months, I’ve floundered between boy and girl. I just told Courtney this last week that I really thought baby was a girl and then I woke up today terribly sick and told her this baby must be a boy. *smile*

As it turns out, our new precious blessing is another sweet little girl.

Everyone except the five and six year old brothers are thrilled….they always want another little brother.

So now, we’ll have 10 children- as Paul tells folks, 6 strapping sons, and FOUR virtuous daughters.

We’re thanking God for this new tiny life growing inside.

A sweet little baby foot

With my love,

We’re expecting!!!

February 2, 2009

We are expecting #10 in June!

Be praying for a safe pregnancy/delivery.

With my love,

Jonathan Patrick’s Birth Story

July 18, 2007

It doesn’t seem like almost two weeks since my little one was born. He is such a sweetheart, and already seems to be fitting into our home- it’s as if he’s always been.

When I first found out that we were expecting, I was overjoyed. I think that age plus having had several children has taught me not to take anything for granted. I’m very aware of what a miracle pregnancy and childbirth are and I know that each new addition brings new character and new experiences to our family. I can daily see Scripture come to life before my eyes as the Lord shows me first hand what a blessing children are.

My pregnancy with baby Jon was not easy. As with my other pregnancies, nausea has not been fun and I’ve had little “issues” here and there that have been a stuggle. I’m so thankful for my husband and older children who showed immeasurable understanding and never failed to lend a helping hand.

The end of my pregnancy came the announcement that baby Jon was “oblique-breech”. Never having experienced this before, I cannot begin to explain the amount of pain that I was dealing with. His head lodged against my left hip and his feet against the right side of my ribcage, there were days that it was literally hard to move much less walk and perform normal daily tasks. I was so thankful at the end of the day to just be able to go to bed. How is it that those days were only a few weeks back and now they feel like a lifetime ago?

As our scheduled induction date approached, I became more and more at ease with the thoughts of the induction. Paul had the 4th of July off work so for the first time in all of our child bearing years, it was nice to spend a leisurly day as a family and not have to rush here and there making plans and taking care of things that needed to be done.

I had not considered the fireworks that might be going off all night due to the holiday. I was so thankful that in all of our years in our home, this was the first when after 9 p.m. there were no more fireworks going off anywhere near. It was so nice and I was thankful for the opportunity to get in bed and rest before my 4:30 alarm.

At 1:30 in the morning, I woke up feeling really horrible. We’re guessing now that I probably had a little GI bug or something. I wasn’t really able to sleep anymore that evening- everytime I would lay back down I would have a horribly sick feeling. I finally got out of bed and started to get ready for our hospital trip. All the way to the hospital and for the first couple of hours of the induction I remained really sick to my tummy and was surprised to learn that I was also running a temperature. These are not fun things to deal with when you are trying to birth a baby! –But, I was so thankful for the meds that they immediately began to give me. I’m not usually one who likes medicine, but in this case, it was welcome and it made me feel so much better.

(Last picture of Paul and I before we had Jon.)

I have to say that even with the sickness, our 5 a.m. drive to the hospital was so nice. The sun was just coming up and traffic was light. It was one of the most relaxing drives. Again I could see the Lord’s provision in having such a calm before the day began.

Our local hospital has a L&D unit that is divided- 1/2 of it holds the vast majority of moms and the other side has just a few rooms but they are nice and large as well as being very quiet and secluded from the general traffic that seems to flow through a labor unit. We had asked my doctor if it would be possible to request one of these rooms since our inductions are usually so long (I’ve mentioned before they usually easily go into the double digits). The day that we were to call, I told Paul that I thought I would not call for the reservation but rather just trust and pray that the Lord would have us where He wanted us to be and just be in peace with that. -The morning we arrived I was so excited that not only were we on the side that we wanted, we had the very last room on the hall. The whole labor experience was so quiet, and I had very few people coming in and out of my room. It was wonderful.

After I got settled a bit, the doctor came in to break my water. Paul and I had decided that unlike every other labor where I waited and tried not to have an epidural, this time I would get one early to see if it would allow for a shorter labor. My doctor set a time (only about a half hour away) for the epidural to be done. I anxiously waited for the time to arrive. I have not had good experiences with epidurals. In fact, in the past, they have hurt just as bad as the delivery itself. This time (maybe it is because my contractions had not gotten so bad?), my epidural was a breeze. Though there was some slight pain, it was quick and easy and I felt very few contractions afterwards.

(Induction started and water broken.)

So then we waited, I was so amazed that each time the doctor came in I was more and more dialated- very unlike me.

One of our highlights was our doctor asking Paul if he would like to deliver our son. Dr. McKenzie delivered Jon’s head and then turned things over to Paul. It was the most amazing experience watching my husband. The doctor was so patient to tell him exactly how to move him and hold him so that he could work his way out. Paul was so excited…during the delivery I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the entire room. Paul still is amazed and will from time to time comment on how he never thought he would ever deliver one of his own children. That in itself was a blessing.

(Paul in his delivery gear!)

(Paul looks on as Dr. McKenzie shows him how to deliver baby’s shoulders.)

Jon was born at 2:33 p.m.- it was a perfect labor and delivery. The Lord was so good to see both of us through it so well!

(Jonathan delivered into his daddy’s hands.)

(Daddy learning to hold baby to properly clear airway…could there be a more proud papa?)

(Mama crying over the whole experience, it was wonderful!)

(Paul handing me baby Jon…he was so beautiful! I think that tears of joy flowed from me for well over an hour!)

(“Hi little Jon, my newest little arrow from God, I’m your mama.”)

You can read the “blog in progress” HERE.

The whole hospital visit was wonderful. Of course, I’m glad to have our little one home now. There is just nothing like being in your own bed and in your own home! -Especially when there is someone new to share it with! : )

(Basket of chocolates made for the hospital staff. Diaper bag and quilt I made for Jon.)

(It’s humbling to realize that even after all that work, the work has really only just begun.)

(A perfect baby boy.)

(Our hospital door bow.)

(8 Sweet arrows and now 1 more!)

The Lambert Family is proud to announce:

~Our newest miracle from God~

Jonathan Patrick Lambert
Born July 5, 2007 at 2:33 p.m.
Weighing 8lbs and 6oz, Measuring 20 1/2″ long

Jon is welcomed by his parents, Paul and Tracy, and eight very excited older siblings: Courtney, Joshua, Jacob, Jessica, Matthew, Timothy, Benjamin and Emma

(Proud big brother, Joshua!)

(Loving big sister, Courtney.)

(Delighted big sister, Jessica.)

At The Hospital…..

July 5, 2007

 10:57 PM

Yet another photo!!

9:29 PM

Here is another photo!



7:45 PM

I was given the go-ahead to post baby’s full name:

Jonathan Patrick Lambert

Both Mom and Baby are still doing well. Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. I know they are being appreciated!


3:26 PM

Here is a photo.

Very Excited!

3:04 PM

Little Jon was born at 2:33 PM and weighed in at 8 lbs and 6 0unces. The head is 14 inches around and he is 20-1/2 inches long.

Mother is doing great and so is the little fella.

God was very good to us. This was not an all day deal. I have been amazed (though I shouldn’t be) about how smoothly all of this went for Tracy. She was able to rest and was not sitting at 5 cm at 6 PM as usual.

It was all very good.

I got to help deliver and that was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. Thank you God for my wife and my children. You have been very good to me.

Absolutely Thrilled,


12:51 PM
God is making this a radical thing! Tracy is at 7-8 cm and everything is going great! The doctor came in and let us know that he is excited to see how things are progressing.

Tracy is happy and I am happy.

With a smile…



12:24 PM
After the doctor checked, we are at 5 cm and -2 station. That is awesome. Praise God!! This is a new one for Tracy. She normally takes nine to ten hours just to get to this point! I believe that the epidural letting her rest has made all the difference.

The doctor has asked me if I would be interested in ‘catching’ the baby. Tracy and I looked at each other and smiled. This is something that the two of us have wanted to see happen for a long time. I know that it might not happen, but just thinking that helping to deliver him is a possibility is very exciting for Tracy and I.

There has been an issue with Tracy’s temperature. She is running about 2 degrees higher than normal and I am just asking everyone to be in prayer about this. Right now there is minimal concern. I am just asking for prayer that it would continue to be a minor blip on the radar screen and then go away…

Overall this has been a fantastic journey today thus far. Tracy is in good spirits and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one.

Patiently Waiting…



10:43 AM
Tracy is sleeping now. The epidural has made it possible for her to relax. This is actually a good thing. She tends to progress much faster when she is not tense. I look forward to a doctor visit in the room so we can get an idea of where we are.

Till I know more…



9:18 AM
Tracy is up to 3 cm. Mother and baby are fine. The doctor has said that Tracy is doing great and hopefully this will not be an ‘all day’ delivery.

Tracy is going to try and do the epidural at 9:30 AM to enable Tracy to relax and make the labor less stressful for her.

The doctor prayed with us this morning and that is always refreshing. I wish that all dealings with medical professionals started off with prayer. It is refreshing to know that doctors have an understanding that they are just a piece of God’s workings in the healing process.

More information will come as we know.



7:42 AM
Out of the gate! This is Paul. I am Tracy’s husband. I will be delivering updates via this posting today.

As of right now, water has been broken and the pit drip has been started. We are at 1.5 cm and -3 station. Tracy has been a little sick this morning but hopefully that has passed and will make way for an uneventful arrival of the little fellow.

I will update as quickly as information changes…

For Tracy,


4:30 AM;
Good Morning! After a long and wonderful holiday with my family, I’m so excited that today is the day I will get to meet my new little one.

We will be leaving for the hospital in a short bit. I’ll try to check back in after we are settled in there.

Until then, please keep us in your prayers (see prayer requests on the baby blog located on the right tool bar) today.

…and thank you all who have prayed for us and sent such encouraging notes over the last several months. You mean so much to me…

With my love,


39 Weeks, 6 Days

July 3, 2007

If I could share a moment with all of you….sitting here typing away, my tummy seems to possess a life of it’s own…and then I remember it does…really!¬† When this little one stretches out over the last couple of days, my skin goes this way and that…I can tell he has ran out of room.¬†¬† He’s gaining weight and growing longer.¬† It seems bizarre that I only have two days until I get to hold him in my arms.¬† Where does the time go?

The last couple of days have brought a flurry of activity.¬† This little one will hopefully know¬†someday that his whole family anticipated his arrival so much that they all pitched in and helped with housework, cooking, sewing, etc.¬† It’s been wonderful to see everyone working as a team.¬† It is a joy to be the mom of this wonderful group of¬†little and not so little people.¬† I’m excited, as always, to see what new trait this little guy will bring.¬† Each personality molds and shapes our group in it’s own little individual way.¬† How blessed I am to be a part.

So, now the bags are almost packed.¬† I still have to add Paul’s clothes which are about
to be hung on the line to dry outside.  I also need to throw in the camera (I use it everyday so it is a last minute addition).  Aside from that and a few lingering chores (one of which is to polish my nails- yippee!), we are ready to go. 

My little boys are SO excited for their Grandmother to be¬†keeping them for a few days.¬† A friend of mine¬†gave us an entire set of play-doh a while back and we’ve been waiting for them to get to use it while I’m away.¬† This has Timothy most excited.¬† Ben’s mostly looking forward to visiting the hospital for a chocolate (the ones we had prepared for the nurses!)¬†.¬† I told him that I would save him one for when he visits.¬† Every day he asks¬†how much longer to “Hewshey’s”.¬† ¬†¬†Neither boy quite “gets it” that they are going to have a brand new baby in the house next week.¬†¬†¬†It always works that way…something magical happens and then I can’t chase them away when the new little ones arrive.¬† They all want to help.

I’ll try and post last minute pictures tomorrow, but for now, I think that is it.¬† I’m just waiting…so grateful to the Lord for allowing me another little life.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

39 weeks, 2 days

June 29, 2007

This morning, I woke up before the sun was up in quite a bit of pain.¬† I guessed I had slept on my left side for too long…my hips, leg, and ribs were all aching.¬† I got up to walk around for just a bit and then¬†went back to bed- this time on my right side.¬† I was able to sleep for an hour or so.

When it was time to actually get up for the day, I sat up on the edge of the bed and before I could get¬†up on my feet good, I was already contracting.¬† Not having been¬†in labor on my own before, it is a little frightening to me to wonder “is this it?”.¬†¬†¬† Eight in the morning now finds me having been incredibly sick to my tummy all morning, contracting and feeling some other “odd” sensations.¬† I admire those of you who just seem “to know”…maybe that will be me at some point.

¬†If anything changes through the day, I’ll be sure to post again.



38 weeks, 6 days

June 26, 2007

So close….so close….so close……I woke up this morning to Paul rubbing my tummy and telling me that it wouldn’t be much longer. Little feet and little toes are so sweet to feel…my older children can’t resist feeling this sweet little life still growing inside of me.

Motherhood is an amazing thing to experience. Before I had children, I could have never imagined how wonderful it would be to hear a sleeping baby in the cradle next to me, or see their little fingers curled around mine. It would have never occurred to me how I would feel to see them succeed at something they’ve tried so hard at, or watch them help a younger sibling that just needs a helping hand. What a privilege to enjoy life with a child.

As the days go by, I am getting more and more excited to see this little one…he is another special blessing from a very loving God…I pray that Paul and I can raise him to be the man that he is created to be.

38 Weeks, 3 Days

June 23, 2007

-and we wait. 

¬†The simmering Alabama heat (today it’s supposed to be 98^, in our home it is 83^ with the air on) makes it almost impossible to find any comfortable spot when you are not pregnant, much less when you are this close to a due date.

I’ve tried to just sit around and drink lots of water today, but I find myself longing for the night time when the temps will drop back down.¬†

I honestly don’t know how women before AC units survived during pregnancy in the deep south…between the humidity and the heat, it’s hard to¬†function at all….much less run a home.

Even so, I’m trying to get a little done.¬† Our carpet¬†has really needed to be shampooed…today I’ve been on my hands and¬†knees scrubbing spots out of it and hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll be able to Rug Doctor everything….I think that it would make our living room look so much better!¬†¬†¬†Of course, in another week and a half, it might be someone else Rug Doctoring for me!¬†

I can’t believe that I’m so close to the due date of this little one.¬† There was so much more that I wanted to do in the house.¬† I’m running out of time, I’m afraid.¬† It’s O.k., I’m sure he won’t notice- it’s just that nesting thing that I have going¬†right now.

¬†Hmmmm…I guess that’s it for the update…I’ll try and write a little more later…when it’s cooler and I’m in a better frame of mind.